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Have you guys heard of stress leave .....and know how to apply it ......I mean sick leave for feeling everything I dont want to feel and I don't have to feel and to go to a better place to overcome those .Although I was advised not to leave my work in any condition......sometimes a break is always good ........but the stigma .......lets just ask ourselves a question  -How many of us have gathered the courage to ask for leave because we are not doing well emotionally/mentally or atleast mention it in the leave letter ..........because its still a big deal our country ......among our people ........mental health and sex education are being turned into business ventures but a reality check is needed ........a day needs to come when one ask can for rest from stress and just from stress .....for nothing else ....

Challenge accepted !!

Well as they say .........easier said than done .So was my case .... I was a teen with lots of dreams like any one else with priority of qualifying into a medical college as being a biology student in India doesn't leave you with many options but this diagnosis (epilepsy as mentioned in my previous blog) was not only a physical setback but a moral one too and slowly steadily I started feeling the changes .
Not only was I prescribed a bundle of medicine/s (which would display their own sweet side-effects later.......sodium valporate being the most active ...if thats the correct way to put it ) ....I was also flushed with dos and don'ts suggestions by my neurologists but then again that was me ..........why would I bother about all that 
Not only was I careless but also incompliant with my medications and the result ....well ....was not surprising...but before talking about the result I would like to talk about my life in general then .......I was happy all together despite the diagnosis, I had qualified in a good medical college..made awesome friends there ,two of them being really caring but before I could actually start getting into my studies ,my carelessness -incompliance but mainly seizures started knocking the door .....I would fall every week ,bite my tongue ....Generalized tonic clinic seizures had become a routine .....Aura sucked and I had become a burden to my roommates as well since they had to take me to hospital every now and then ,so I thought I would mend my ways and accepted my own left temporal lobe's challenge. I told it I would show you *my stability would suppress your hyperactivity*......
But but but 
Its easier said than done ........


  1. The pain, the helplessness, that feeling of being a burden on ur friends and still acing ur life with the way you have done my friend.. You were an inspiration since school days but you are a bigger one now.! Wish you strength always.
    I promise being there for you always. I hv always tried so. I will continue doing so. ❤️


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