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Estranged or trapped

A lack of sense of belonging  A feeling of estrangement  Have you come across these because I definitely have and when I do I really don't know what to do   where or whom to go to or just sit and crib  But but but you should not let this get into yourselves..because it's not as simple as it sounds ,it might lead to depression,  anxiety and worse ....suicidal thoughts  So ,try helping ,talk ,scream ,draw ,dance ,sing  shop ,read  basically do what you like and try finding a connection with something  or someone  and try to find a place where you really belong because if it's either here or there ,we all belong somewhere ....just the track has to be set 

left temporal lobe and its attitude -chap I

well the challenge was not as simple as it appeared to be ........First the other I had to fight  myself and then there were practical stuffs like life and things going on in it any other medical student .
Studies were interesting but not all the subjects were my cup of tea ,well anatomy to be specific but anatomy practical classes were amazing ,we had our group we used to play games and well I was never really bothered about the cadaver and its dissection .....but other subjects were fine . I had a *hostel life* too where we had room-mate issues ,mess-issues and blah ...blah . Coming back to my challenge.....yes the seizures ! they were not ready to reduce .....I had broken my nose , I had fallen in the bathroom, I fell in the class room .......but my left temporal lobe was not satisfied........i guess it was too much in love with its neurotransmitters ......and together they had decided even if this gal takes her medicines regularly.....we would not stop .....we would go on .....well at the end of the day was one of my lobes can I complaint ? 
Well ..........thats another chapter ......


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