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Estranged or trapped

A lack of sense of belonging  A feeling of estrangement  Have you come across these because I definitely have and when I do I really don't know what to do   where or whom to go to or just sit and crib  But but but you should not let this get into yourselves..because it's not as simple as it sounds ,it might lead to depression,  anxiety and worse ....suicidal thoughts  So ,try helping ,talk ,scream ,draw ,dance ,sing  shop ,read  basically do what you like and try finding a connection with something  or someone  and try to find a place where you really belong because if it's either here or there ,we all belong somewhere ....just the track has to be set 

Words and seizures ........

words .......once uttered can't be taken back .....if they are unnecessarily harsh ,its really difficult to forget but so is the case with heart warming words  .The only thing is its not always in our hands who we talk to ....or how the conversations turn out to be ....and depending upon the level of our sensitivity......these words if not taken well can become a triggering factor for seizures too .Has someone's word even triggered your seizure ? 


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