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Estranged or trapped

A lack of sense of belonging  A feeling of estrangement  Have you come across these because I definitely have and when I do I really don't know what to do   where or whom to go to or just sit and crib  But but but you should not let this get into yourselves..because it's not as simple as it sounds ,it might lead to depression,  anxiety and worse ....suicidal thoughts  So ,try helping ,talk ,scream ,draw ,dance ,sing  shop ,read  basically do what you like and try finding a connection with something  or someone  and try to find a place where you really belong because if it's either here or there ,we all belong somewhere ....just the track has to be set 

....No not your health *drama* again

Has it ever happened to you that someone close to you has called your health issue nothing but drama , if yes then you are not alone . These are the kind of people who need to be taught what mental health is all about ,in our case epilepsy......and how it effects each and every second of our lives every statement ,every movement  made by people close to us can impact our health ,for better or for worse 
Its easy to say not to care about others opinions but the fact of the matter is if someone important or close to us doesn't respect the complexity of our brains then its high time ...we give them a break or tell them what they need to know and that is .......more .... and more ....because who knows what is drama for them now can become a reality when they have to face it themselves 


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